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Vyakhyaa _ About Us

Deriving its inspiration and its ingredients from nature, Vyakhyaa aims to bring the best of nature in your palms. With formulas that have passed from generations, Vyakhyaa’s wellness solution has been our family’s best kept secret. Grandma’s traditional recipes now blended with modern technology have yielded healing solutions. Our formulas are known to tackle the problems from its very roots.

Vyakhyaa is a Sanskrit word that means clarity. That is what we stand for. Our product, when used with consistency, has known to yield results. A combination of choicest ayurvedic ingredients and indigenous methods, Vyakhyaa stands true to its Indian roots and promotes benefits of our own herbs.

In the run of life, we have gotten used to chemically-treated fancy commercial products and were prone towards natural home-made products. Vyakhyaa’s natural and chemical free products help you fight the routine wear and tear, pollution and relieving you of stress and radiating an inner glow. Formulating the usage of indigenous products like  Copra oil and bringing to you the finest of nature, we intend to take you back to the roots. Thus we have blended a traditional recipe with a modern touch to meet the needs of today’s hair and skin issues.

We, at Vyakhyaa aim to bring to you, the most natural remedy for your wellness. Hand-picked from our own farms, we make the use of the highest quality of fresh, non-dried natural herbs. No artificial fragrances, colors, petrochemicals or similarly derived product or harmful additives are used. All our products are 100% natural and chemical-free.

Vyakhyaa: Because going back to the roots is always the right solution.